The Machine Gun is one of the upgrade choices from the basic Tank and can be selected at Level 15. The Machine Gun may further upgrade into the Destroyer, Gunner, Machine Gun IIDouble Machine Gun, Twin Machine Gun, Machine Gun Flank or Sprayer.

Design Edit

The Machine Gun features a circular base with a large trapezoid style turret on the front.

Technical Edit

The Machine Gun doubles the rate of fire but decreases the bullet damage by 33%. Also, the barrel becomes wider making it less accurate.


  • The Machine Gun is great at killing Squares and Triangles, go for them; and if you see a large cluster of polygons, go around and point your turret at them - the spread of bullets doesn't mean you'll miss a lot, and the sheer amount of bullets will wipe them out.
  • If you want to keep the high RoF and penetration, don't upgrade to Destroyer or Gunner. Instead, keep getting exp until level 45 and upgrade to Sprayer then the Flashie. The Flashie has a very high rate of fire and high Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage.
  • The Sprayer is a much stronger version of the Machine Gun. The 11th July changelog secretly nerfed the power of Machine Gun, the new upgrade will be the best choice for the Machine Gun class tree beside Destroyer and Gunner.
  • The Machine Gun is easily out-penetrated by Snipers and other high penetration tanks such as the Destroyer. To avoid getting hit by these high damage, high penetration bullets, upgrade movement speed. The Machine Gun is an aggressive tank and as with most aggressive tanks, moving fast is crucial for attacking, especially in pursuing smaller and faster tanks.
  • Contrary to popular belief, upgrading a lot of Reload does not make this tank so much stronger. This tank is already known for the fast reload that comes with it. Instead, try upgrading like upgrading a Sniper class tank. Work on Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration, and Bullet Damage. This makes this tank work more like a quick reload Sniper which works especially well against wide coverage tanks like the Octo Tank. Slowly, as there are more upgrade opportunities, be sure to upgrade Reload because as the tank gets bigger, the bullets will start reloading slower.


  • The Machine Gun was nerfed after the Sprayer was released.
  • The Flashie is a 2X Combo with Machine Gun barrels.
  • The shape of gun resembles the spawner of Overseer classes, making the Manager being mistaken sometimes.

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